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The CLCC Mobile App allows you to stay in touch while on the run.  Check important event dates, see what's ahead for the upcoming week, catch up on a past event you may have missed, show others pictures of our beautiful lake and most importantly, receive instant notifications from our members committee about critically time sensitive information such as beaches being closed, last minute event cancellations, lake management updates etc..

iPhone Information

Home App Screen - The image below is the main screen for the App.  This is where you will see the "hamburger button" along the top and the 6 main tile buttons along the bottom.

Hamburger Button - The 3 stacked lines on the left and right located in the header is called a "hamburger button".  This button opens and closes the menu options.

Alerts - These settings allow you to pick and choose which CLCC notifications you want to receive and which notifications you do not wish to receive.

Android Information

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