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  • Speed Limit 35 MPH

  • Speed Limit 5 MPH at the following locations:

    1. In front of Club house and extending north of the bridge into Laurel Cove.

    2. Between Rose’s Beach and Rock Island

    3. Weaver House Cove

    4. Within 100’ of any shore, any wharf, pier, bridge, dock structure, buoy, person in the water, or designated bathing area which is marked by buoys

  • Operation of a vessel “At Speed” shall be in a counter clockwise direction on the lake.

  • Any person swimming or using a raft, tube or other flotation device shall be accompanied by a boat escort unless such person is not more than 75’ from shore.

  • NJ State Police rules apply to water skiing, skin diving, negligent operation, noise control, operating under the influence, safe operating speed, and jet skis.


 Anyone who operates a power boat, jet ski or other personal water craft is required to have a current Boating Safety Certificate. The boat safety course is run by a certified instructor. The course meets the NJ State requirements to obtain a boat license, provided you pass the exam and meet the other requirements, e.g. age. The boat safety course is an all day event.


An annual boat safety rally takes place mid August. Check out the calendar for details. The boat safety rally focuses on fun while providing continuing education on boating safety.

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