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In order to provide better service to our membership we have created an email address specifically for security/safety concerns, issues, and recommendations. Our goal is to provide a line of communication for membership directly related to safety and security, to provide support, feedback, and identify areas in which we can improve our operation in order to preserve our community, lake, and way of life.

Please be mindful that any emergent issues, or criminal activity should be reported to the local police immediately.

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Why is there a security email address for CLCC?


This is an outlet for membership to address, inquire or provide suggestions regarding security and safety issues. If there are issues regarding those topics, we can work to address them, or forward the issues as appropriate. The more data we are provided by membership, the more we can review and analyze the occurrences, and develop measures to help protect our community, club, lake and membership.

When should I contact the CLCC Security and Safety personnel?



Example 1:

Every Friday there's a red boat that launches from the public dock, and periodically, we see them not only use Rose Beach, but also litter.


In this instance we could direct CLCC staff to keep an eye out for the vague description to either identify and personally address the situation, or if warranted, accrue more identifying information on the person(s) and assist in forwarding the information to local law enforcement.


Example 2:


The gate providing access to the primary clubhouse seems to be loose, and the side door easily opened, and I have heard several people talking about how easy it is to gain access to the property.


In this instance, we could physically assess the gate, and or locks, and rectify the issue.


Example 3:


There is a boat docked in my slip periodically, and I have no idea who it belongs to. Perhaps it is a member who mistakenly believes the slip belongs to them?


We could review the records and assist in identifying the watercraft and name to help resolve the issue.


Example 4:


There are always visiting Jet Skiers that use our floating docks to tan every Sunday. Although they are accessing the lake legally, my family is unable to enjoy the premises because of the large contingent of people they bring, who use the dock, and are not members.


In this instance we could assist in observation and corrective action if the situation does not require immediate law enforcement action.


Examples of when to immediately contact Law Enforcement:


  • Public Safety

  • Criminal Activity

  • Flagrant Motor Vehicle Violations

  • Injury

  • Altercations

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