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Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

While the winter weather at the lake has been relatively mild, we woke today to single digit temps and blistering wind.  It was all the motivation needed to craft a letter about the 2023 CLCC summer season!  

The Board of Governors as well as several dedicated and passionate members have been hard at work this “off-season”, addressing a wide range of opportunities in service of our community.  We are specifically focused on improving the member experience, investing in our facilities and reinforcing our community, State and Local partnerships.  I’m thankful for everyone’s effort and proud of our continued progress to preserve and strengthen the future of the CLCC.    

We are prepared to deliver another great summer in 2023.  The calendar is packed with classic, new and returning events – there is something for everyone!  So, whether you’re a life-long member, new to the area, old to the area or just a former member who needed a break, we’d be honored to have you as a member in 2023!  

REGISTER TODAY!  Building on our effort to reduce cost and simplify process, we will continue to leverage the CLCC Website to complete 2023 Membership Registration.  This process was new in 2022 and was wildly successful and efficient.  The Welcome Page of the website contains links to pay your dues, request a boat slip, apply for employment, view our calendar of events and more!  You can complete all registration actions directly on the website OR if preferred, you can print the forms and mail the information to the CLCC.  The choice is yours.  If neither of these options work for you, let us know and we will make arrangements to get you a membership package.

WORTH NOTING – The Board of Governors has the responsibility to approve an annual budget, which includes the dues structure for the upcoming season.  Per the By Laws, the board has the ability to adjust the dues consistent with the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) published by the U.S. Social Security Administration.  The 2023 published COLA rate is 8.7% however, in an effort to reduce some of this inflationary burden on our members, the Board of Governors voted to limit the 2023 dues increase to 5%.   

LEND A HAND – Volunteerism is part of the Cranberry Lake DNA.  There are several maintenance and capital investment initiatives planned before the summer fun begins.  Please keep a look out for volunteer opportunities to jump in and lend a hand!

Summer 2023 is right around the corner.  Thank you in advance for your continued support of the Cranberry Lake Community Club.  

See you on the water!


Brian Church

President - Cranberry Lake Community Club 

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